Fashion Forward.

Recently a trend that’s making its way back is the 90’s themed looks. With one leg cuts, scrunchie heavy videos, and browns and bronze make up looks. Even the music we listen to is heavily influenced by the tunes that dominated the charts back in the day, but while this is fun to read and watch it is equally as hard to incorporate-or so we think.

Yes, the pains of a 9-5 with strict written or implied dress codes can be hard to maneuver when trying to stay as trendy and fashion-forward as our celebrities who, lucky for them have a wider range of leeway in picking out their outfits. That being said, it isn’t completely impossible to incorporate these trends in our everyday lives. Here are 5 easy things we can do to blend trends into our everyday looks. After all, fashion existed in the works space in the past as well.

Hair accessories, hair accessories are an underrated aspect of any and every look. While I cannot promise your supervisor, won’t have a few words to say about turning your hair into a double ponytail, incorporating colors is an easier and trendier take on them. Try some colorful hair and bobby pins, a simple one is to hold the front strands of your hair down.

Hairstyles. No, not harry styles, wouldn’t that be a treat? Hairstyles. A great and popular 90’s look is the back flipped curl. Yup, that easy. Next time you want to straighten your hair for work curve the wand back, to create a nice back curved look.

Another fun hair look is the half fringe/bangs. Yup half, not the side. Instead of having a full-on fringe, or side part, style your hair as you normally would to the back or sides. Once done, take a few strands on either side-you know better what your best side is, and curl into a bang. Remember, its half and not side, so don’t curve the hair to the side, simply curve it as you would a regular fringe.

My final and more risqué tip is to wear lingerie. Many forget that much of the ’90s was geared around sexual liberation, like in the ’70s. women were wearing shorter and more revealing looks, and while some things may be too risqué for the office, there is a simple way to style it up. Try on a stylish blazer over a bralette, with loose-fit high waisted pants. Depending on how strict your office code is, you’ll want this blazer to be made of breathable material in case you have to keep it on for longer hours. The fun thing about this look is the 90’s was also blazer heavy!

Now you know you don’t have to live the nostalgia at home, happy styling!

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