Sexy Never Dies.

Complete moment of honesty. We have all had those moments when we feel like we are no longer as gorgeous as we used to be. More often than not, it is in relation to the amount of weight we have put on overtime, this could be for many reasons, childbirth, change in diet, lack of time, stress, depression and etc.

Truth is, we are just as gorgeous and the only thing holding us back from realizing that is our confidence level. But that isn’t as easy as we would all like to believe. Sure, we can look at the mirror and remind ourselves that we are just as sexy as ever-which is a great thing to do but there are external factors that might prove to be blocking us from buying lingerie in Canada

The biggest of these is the lingerie industry. It is pretty hard to see yourself as sexy when companies that design sexy items do not cater to you. Few lingerie companies cater to plus-sized women and even fewer offer sexy pieces. That means not only is it already a chore to find lingerie, but it is also further exasperating when searching for more sexual or erotic styles. This process can be a confidence killer.

Here are a few companies were you can buy lingerie online from Canada:

Darkest Fox is a provocative and sexy line that caters to plus-sized women.

SavageX Fenty is also another plus-sized friendly line that comes with extensive sexual pieces.

Playful Promises this is one of my favorite erotic brands out there, not only do they offer an extensive size range they do so by providing erotic and kinky styles that are not watered down as the sizes increase.

Eloquii is actually an exclusively plus-sized company, and while they do not offer the more provocative designs, their styles range from basic to sensual which means you’ll still find desirable styles that are not designed solely for practicality.

Happy shopping.

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