The Cave People Role Play Fantasy

Cave people may not have been the most attractive. They did not have cosmetics or grooming tools and they might not even have showered very often.

But one thing that is almost for sure is that cave people sex was probably pretty animalistic.

Cave people did not have any preconceived ideas of etiquette that may have made them feel inhibited. Rather, when they had an animalistic urge, they would just grab whoever was attractive and nearby, and satisfied it.

I’m not sure what your views of cave people sex are, but it can be pretty damn sexy if you think about it. So sexy, in fact, that you may want to incorporate it into your sex role play ideas.

Here’s how you can get cave people sex to play out in your bedroom fantasy.

To make the experience more authentic, you can dress up in loin cloths or some type of Flintstone wear. Animal print lingerie can also fit the bill.

Cave people sex should not take any verbal communication. Partners should be able to communicate what they want in just a few gestures.

Once the intentions are expressed, it is hopeful that you have set the scene for wild, abandoned sex that you both will remember for some time to come.

Cave people sex is primitive and wild, and the best part is, we have the grooming supplies, cosmetics and deodorant to make it that much more appealing. How will you be living out your roleplay ideas in your bedroom tonight?

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