Things to consider when shopping for Lingerie

Fashion isn’t simply something reserved for celebrities and wealthier people, it’s a form of self-expression that blends components of creativity and self-identity together to bring us what we tend to call our “style”.

Many people see style as simply just the clothes and accessories we were but any true fashionista knows that every single item builds and blends together to create a look that in turn favors and shows off our individual style. This means our lingerie plays a role as well.

Regardless of their visibility, our undergarments add to our look and style because they contribute to how we feel, and that contributes to how we “wear” our look of choice. This means, as fashionistas keenly interested in the more erotic end of style there are a few things to consider when we buy sexy lingerie.

For instance, Comfort. Comfort can never be overlooked, this is because whether or not the intent of purchase is for the undergarment to be seen through clothes as a esthetic, or as part of an outfit, or simply hidden beneath for support of the emotional or physical variation comfort makes for the general feel. Comfort should always be a priority because without it we start to feel out of place in our own style, which can make us question the validity of self-expression.

Style. Yes. I know, pretty obvious huh? Well many of us get so wrapped up in what is common that we forget what we actually like. It’s the time-old issue of media versus style, or as I like to call it, lace versus satin.  No matter what your choice of lingerie is, one-piece lingerie, teddy lingerie and whether or not you choose erotic lingerie or sensual lingerie the key is to always ascertain that what is being bought is what you like and not what you’ve been told will suit you or your body type, or what the media says is in.

This doesn’t mean exclude experimentation, it just means make sure whatever you do is an expression of you and prioritizes your comfort above all else!

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